ten points from a 1/4th doctor

*As a disclaimer, the author wrote this post the day she finished her first year of medical school and was in a pretty awesome place. Let the increased incidence of the word "I" stand as evidence of her need to talk about herself because she currently feels awesome and full of gratitude. She wants you to know she obviously doesn't feel like this every day and that's fine by her because life is messy and wonderful and its good to talk about when you feel up as well as when you feel down. (But that doesn't make her point any less true)**

When do you feel the best about yourself? When are the moments when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a storefront glass or in your rearview mirror and really appreciate you - whether that's the way you look that day, or something you accomplished, or just you being the great person you are.
I go probably too long in between these moments. Some days after I wash my makeup off and am ready for bed, I look into the mirror over m…

Feb-RU-RARY and Med School Semester #2


Click on that. It'll make you happy, I promise. Make sure your sound is on first.
So it is the second semester for me here at PNWU. I almost put BYU. I don't know about that haha The semester has been interesting. Enjoyable. Trying. And while I am still not doing as well as I would like to be doing, I am enjoying myself much more than last semester. You do really sort of hit a stride. That's not to say it's any easier or that I've gotten any better (or smarter, unfortunately). I still perform subpar in my exams and that comes with it's own stress and depression. I have learned where to go to get help, how to be better to myself, how to balance my time so I'm still doing some of the things I love.
They told us at the beginning to keep up with your school work but keep working out, get enough sleep, continue with your hobbies, keep in communication with your loved ones, eat healthy - DO ALL THE THINGS! And throughout the last semester I rea…

The Loss Of October

It's October.
It's midterms at medical school. And I need to focus and study and I do but I'm also distracted. Because it's October. And while I need to be concerned with the anatomy of the arm and the forearm and the hand, as well as neuroanatomy, fertilization and gametogensesis, blood coagulation and cascades of factors, connective tissue, baroreflexes, serotonin, renin, angiotensin, and a million other things I don't know -  instead I'm thinking about my brother, David.
 Because here's the truth about suicide: it never ends. The effects never go away. The hurt hardly dims. The grief is tangible and still brings me to my knees. 
And so I try to love October. Because the air is crisp. And sweaters are my favorite. And pumpkin spice. And hot chocolate. And David. Because if he were here he would be loving October. 
Hello October. Hello trying not to fail my midterms (because I have been here before - I failed the midterms that happened the week I found out…

Med student life

After a very long road trip with one of my best friends (love you Kirsten!), I spent several days getting to know my new home.

Things I hate about Yakima, WA:

Where are my MOUNTAINS?!The homeless people hanging out at gas stationsIt took me awhile to find a grocery store I felt comfortable shopping at (These are things I never had to really think about before. I suppose when I moved to Idaho for my undergrad I spent some brain power deciding where I would get gas and where I would do my shopping but it seemed like all my choices were good ones - and they had a Maverik.)There is no MaverikThe money it takes to set up your kitchen! I completely forgot about this. I haven't had to buy basics like SALT since 2007 when I started my undergrad, (Seriously, those large things of salt last ages.)I'm so far from my family. (Although, I will share that I haven't struggled with this as much as I thought I would and I count that as a real blessing. The only time I've been moved to t…

Memories and Movement (Progress)

As my time as a non-medical student draws to a close, I have been going through my things. I have a lot of paperwork and other crap generally every where. I've come across some treasures though.

My grandmother on my dad's side is a huge scrapbooker. When all of her granddaughters were young she got each of them a box of scrapbooking material. I recently cleaned out boxes from my mother's house as she is preparing to move houses. In one of the boxes I found my scrapbooking box. Inside it were old photos. I looked through them more thoroughly today and came across pictures of each of my siblings when I was in high school. I even have one of my brother who passed away last year. I cried for a bit at that. The picture was taken when he was a teenager and though troubled he did not suffer from the schizophrenia that would later lead him to take his life.

 I also found an old journal. As an uncommitted journal-writer, the journal spans the years of 2001-2004, almost my whole time…

Summer Avocado and Orange Salsa

Lately I have been on this kick to really eat healthy. I'm lactose intolerant but mostly ignored this while in college. Recently, I decided to be tired of feeling sick most of the time so I took charge of my life *Ha* and am trying to eliminate dairy from my diet. This is actually incredibly hard. I never realized how much dairy I ate until I tried to cut it all out! Luckily, I've discovered lactose free milk which is a big hit for me *Yay!*

Also, I've discovered quinoa - which I love!

The secret to quinoa, for those of you who don't know, is that you have to wash it first. A type of seed, quinoa naturally is coated with a bitter kind of coating that deters birds and other things from eating it. So before you can cook it, it needs to be rinsed and rinsed well. This is a pain if you don't have a strainer with small enough holes that the tiny power seed (considered a grain though it's not) can't slip through. The way I do this is by putting the desired amount…

Taking Stock - IV

Seeing: the bright sun shine on Aunt K’s piano, sleeping old cats, comfort Making: sure I am trying to be my best self every new day Cooking: brown rice – yum! For dinner: brown rice and stir fry veggies - yum
Drinking: H2O – because I don’t drink enough of it and I’m trying to sugar purge (wish me luck ;) Reading: do you follow me on Goodreads? On my “currently reading” bookshelf are eight books. Apparently I’m having a hard time of it on settling in and reading just one at a time. I’ve always sort of been like that. It’s because they are different genres. If I’m reading a fantasy novel I also have to be reading something intellectual. Unless, of course, on those rare occasions, I have picked up a fantasy that is intellectual enough to satisfy. In which case, I have to also be reading a non-fiction book or some such. Hearing: my new running playlist. My dear friend Christy turned me on to some new bands which I am enjoying too loudly on my aunt’s speakers. Currently? Bryce Vine’s “Sour Pa…